We're making Tolmers better...

Standing still isn't in our nature at Tolmers, and we are committed to continual improvements of the campsite, the facilities and activities.

We will share our progress and plans on this page...

Get ready for launch...

Anyone who has used the lake for canoeing and rafting will remember one of the thrills was simply navigating the bank to get in and out of the lake!

We are pleased to announce a newly built launch area for water activities, together with 5 new kayaks to give you and your young people a great water experience.



For your convenience

We are also very proud to announce that our newest toilet block is open and ready for use. They are conveniently located next to the site office, and closer to some of the main activities.

There are six separate toilet cubicles, each with a basin and a radiator to make that necessary trip in the winter a bit more tolerable!

Bouncy balls

Following CTT 2013 where a group introduced the very popular body zorbs to the array of activities, we have purchased our own which are available to run as an activity.

This fun and somewhat hillarious activity sees the participants bouncing off each other in giant inflatable balls.


Get in touch...

Whatever your needs, whether it's to book a camp, or find out more information, we would love to hear from you.
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